Emerson String Quartet: Journeys

Emerson String Quartet: Journeys


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Emerson String Quartet: Journeys
Emerson String Quartet: Journeys
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  • "On paper, it sounds ridiculous for a video game, a sort of thought experiment that would work best on the pages of a dreary novel that would get excellent literary reviews but be read by roughly zero real people." in 7 reviews
  • "From what I have seen it is a beautiful game, it is one of those games thatyou would want more and more of." in 6 reviews
  • "I was having fun running through the desert and jumping around with my glowing scarf, but it wasnt until i found another player that this game suddenly made sense to me." in 5 reviews
  • "One of my friends made me play this one day telling me that it would be one of the best games I've ever played." in 5 reviews
Ashley C.
Wichita, KS
34 reviews
It isn't often that a $15 downloadable game is the tipping point in the decision of which video game console to buy. Usually, the type of games that can sway opinion in that way are huge blockbusters with production and advertising budgets that rival Hollywood. Not so with Journey.

From the very first moments of playing the game, it is quickly apparen't that this is unlike any game to see the light of day. This is a game that isn't going to appeal to everyone. There are no zombies, no glorious explosions, and for much of the game, nothing at all but you, sand, and a far off goal. On paper, it sounds ridiculous for a video game, a sort of thought experiment that would work best on the pages of a dreary novel that would get excellent literary reviews but be read by roughly zero real people. In execution, though, Journey is nearly magic.

It's hard to describe the experience of playing Journey. There aren't a lot of stand-out experiences that lend themselves to discussion. The premise couldn't be simpler: you are a traveler, and you want to reach a far-distant mountain top. You can run, jump, and float for short distances. Throughout the game, there are shining artifacts that increase the amount of time you can stay airborne. That's as much as there is to describe. There's a satisfaction in the simple act of climbing a large dune and sliding down the other side. As a largely solitary, ahem, journey, there is a lot of time to just enjoy the absolutely beautiful environment, the understated but perfect soundtrack, and the freedom you feel for the few moments at a time you leave the ground and float, bird-like, through the air. For me, it was a surprisingly moving experience.

Journey is, in spirit, a single-player experience, but it is possible to play with more than one person. At any time, you can call out into seemingly nothing, and occasionally, another player will hear your call and come join you. You aren't able to communicate with fellow players, you never talk, and you don't even know their names until after you complete the game. You are two anonymous travelers who happened to bump into each other and decided that it would be nice to have a companion. Communication is limited to chirps the character can make, and while simplistic, they manage to form a sort of bond between players. When the player you're playing with decides to leave, it is strangely sad. And while finding a new companion is as easy as chirping and seeing who is around, they somehow never seem the same. For a game that is completely anonymous, the feeling of connection is strange and wonderful.

The video game market is full of games that want nothing more than for their players to remember them long after they're done playing. Journey is one of the few that manages to make that kind of impression. It is a breathtaking work of art, and like art, everyone will experience it differently. What more can you ask for?
Bambi F.
Winter Park, FL
14 reviews
THIS REVIEW IS FOR THE PS3 VIDEO GAME JOURNEY. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY THE TITLE WAS CHANGED BUT THAT"S PRETTY SHADY IF YOU ASK ME. I am honestly shocked that there are no reviews for this game yet, and honored to be the first. Journey is a truly unique and special gaming experience. Journey is The ultimate combination of art, storytelling and musical brilliance. You embark on a journey alone to start with, but soon companions join you in your game play. There is little ability to communicate, and you never know with whom you are playing until your journey is completed. Still, once completed, you feel a sense of closeness to your companions, especially if you are lucky enough to find one that stays with you through out the entire journey. I've been gaming for most of my life, and I can honestly say that no game has ever touched my soul until I played Journey. It is something that you just simply must play to understand. If you are looking for button mashing, hectic action, or first person shooting, this is not the game for you. But if you are willing to open your mind to a truly majestic gaming experience, please try Journey. I promise you won't regret it.
Rachael W.
3 reviews
I had heard a lot on gaming websites about the moving experience Journey offers and how it is unlike any other game. From the concept of the game i didn't see how this would be possible. You play as a silent scarf wearing little man and the aim of the game is to get to the glowing mountain.

I was having fun running through the desert and jumping around with my glowing scarf, but it wasn't until i found another player that this game suddenly made sense to me.

You develop a genuine attachment to your nameless, silent companion. You find yourself waiting for them so that you can continue the adventure together. At one point i glitched out of the map and was so disappointed that i wouldn't be able to finish the game with the person i had shared my time with.

The levels are each very unique so that you feel a definite sense of progression as you get closer to the mountain. The graphics (particularly the effects of the sand) are stunning and this really adds to the 'games as art' debate.

Overall the game isn't long and you will complete it in one sitting. That is purposefully done so that you can find another player and complete the game alongside them without one or the other having to leave.

A beautiful game and a highlight of the PSN.
Antoinette P.
Littleton, CO
12 reviews
This is the kind of well thought out, extensive, and inclusive atmosphere all other games should strive for. I love the artistic/stylistic graphics in this game. You could literally stand still in any point of the game, print it, and frame it -- it's that beautiful. The music is wonderfully haunting. It is something I can't capture in words, please give it a listen! I really didn't think it was boring although I can see where some people are coming from. THe gameplay is very different and you have to have an open mind. The storyline is emotionally captivating. My problem with this game is that it could have been longer. I probably could have played this game forever. As it is now, I just play it over and over again. I think one negative is that a lot of your experience is dependent upon your partner. I got the game around launch so for me and the person I was playing with it was our first encounter. I feel like that's how it is meant to be played. My friend got it much later and had a partner that had no patience, led the entire thing, and showed her all the secrets. For her first time through the game, that's probably the least ideal experience. Otherwise, this game is amazing if you commit yourself to it and immerse yourself in it.
Elyse A.
Henrico, VA
28 reviews
And that's what it is. More than just a game-- it's "an experience."

You play as a humanoid character making its way toward a far-off mountain. The interpretation is left up to the player, but what I got from it was that the character was on something of a religious pilgrimage. The soundtrack and visuals are both stunning and will stick with you for a while.

What makes the game a unique multi-player experience is the lack of real ability to communicate with other players. You can come across one other player at a time and can only communicate with them through chirping noises your character can make. The reason for this is to promote a feeling of neither being able to help or hurt someone else, but still feeling like you're not alone on your journey. The result is a feeling of empathy unlike I've anything I've ever experienced in a video game before.

Without spoiling too much, there is a pretty emotional part near the end that just feels amplified by being with a silent partner.

If you want action and violence, there are plenty of quality games out there to play, but if you want a unique experience that actually moves you, this is a game you must not miss!
Alexandra B.
Fort Myers, FL
4 reviews
Before actually seeing the game I saw concepts and screenshots and I thought to myself "Wow, for a game starting in a barren desert this is eye candy." It only got better from there. The character design is iconic and simplistic as is the environment yet there are some beautiful fine details as seen in the almost fluid-like shimmering sand the the ruins that you traverse through. By far this has been the only game without dialogue or intricate character development that has made me cry just due to the pure beauty of the game itself paired with the musical score.
As peaceful as the game starts off to be, I really enjoyed the thrill of danger nearing the end, I felt that it enhanced the "journey" itself as because life itself wouldn't just be a stroll (or a flight) with chirping pieces of magical cloth. The multiplayer feature also feels unique as you cannot communicate at all through words so you are left to understand each other solely through movement and chirps.
The sense of accomplishment and wonder this game leaves you with as it ends is indescribable and I wish that every gamer can learn to appreciate such a wonderful experience.
Erin F.
66 reviews
This is the third game by That Game Company. I don't actually own a PS3, so the fact that I bought the game and then played it at a friend's house proves that I was dedicated. I wanted to experience this game for myself. It was awesome and well worth the purchase price. I also ended up buying an art book that details the design process of the game. It shows how they changed the characters. They used to have arms and run rather than glide. People need to realize that this isn't similar to other games and they aren't going to have the same experience as with other games. There are small collectibles throughout the game, but not getting them doesn't mean anything to your progress. The multiplayer method they used is amazing. A player will just show up and you can interact in the game space or choose to ignore each other. The only way to speak to each other is through your motions or by pinging a note. The game is easier to complete with another person with you, but it's certainly not necessary.

I thought the game was beautiful and thought provoking and just all around awesome to play.
Danielle C.
Everett, WA
8 reviews
I had heard of this game and was interested in it and the art direction. Starting to play this game it gives you very little clues as to why you are there and what is your purpose. However, as you start to walk you may see others playing online with you. You can team work it or go alone. I think the most amazing thing is how people can "drop" in and out of your game and play with you. If a person "drops" out of the game, another might pop up. There is also a filter so that you can't see "who" is playing with you until you complete the stage.
The story is beautiful and sweet. The flying is fun and the environments are sweeping and take your breath away. The game takes time to show you this world and it doesn't break up the gameplay enough to be annoying. Plus, you WANT to look around and see these things. Just breath taking scenery that change and morph, you'll be taken aback by where you will go on this "journey".
Also, the scary "bad guys", if you can even call them that, are honestly a little scary and make you want to run and hide! This game is gorgeous, although very short (2 ish hours for me, mostly because I stopped a lot to smell the flowers) You will want to replay and replay to add to your character. Pick this up for some amazing eye candy!
Stephanie H.
Aurora, CO
62 reviews
One could almost say this is near literally a sandbox style game, considering a decent chunk of it takes place in a wide-open desert.

This is a game that, though linear, is about exploration and, in a way, loneliness and companionship. You start alone and there's a chance you can run into another player as you journey through the game. Indeed, a fitting title, because this is a journey.

If you're expecting a lot of action or to have the plot handed to you on a platter, this isn't the game for you. The interpretation of the plot can be pretty open depending on who you talk to, and you're not really guided along, so much as you need to pave your way through by exploring your environment. The game is gorgeous, graphic-wise, and the music, though subtle, works well with the atmosphere. This is one of those titles you need to take a day out to play.
Mary A.
Winter Park, FL
5 reviews
Journey is a fantastic interactive experience where you the player get to move through this mysterious world along side companions that you cannot speak to nor know who they are. You both have to interact by instinct. Help eachother out, solve ways of getting through to the next part of the game. As you learn more about this world you are in, it slowly creates a strong bond you carry with the companion you are with that by the end you very protective of one another and are emotionally engaged with whats happening as you play. The gameplay is very smooth and it feels as though your movements bleed into the next area as you explore. The contrast of strong reds and orange work well with the dark blues and grays. Great atmosphere, gorgeous world, and an emotionally impacting mechanic. A fine way of perfecting Co-Op with minimalism.
Chantal H.
Irvington, KY
161 reviews
Would you recommend this game? :)
Brittany M.
Henderson, KY
4 reviews
How did you try to communicate with your partner in the game? c:
Jennifer P.
Haddonfield, NJ
4 reviews
Who's bought the soundtrack? The music in this game is amazing~

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