How long does it last? Does it shed? Is it too stiff?
2 years ago
Super soft and lasts forever, i love this little mini kabuki. It is probably my favorite one. Mine never sheds and I have had it around a year. I made the mistake of using mine with a powdered bronzer one time though and now my bristles are a little orange dyed. Still my favorite though. Should have been expected.
Lincoln, NE - a year ago
I've this brush for a really long time and it never sheds hairs! It's not stiff at all either. It's very soft
Auburn - a year ago
I’ve had it for over a year and it is still in perfect condition, I also haven’t noticed any shredding
GAINESVILLE - a year ago
Elf brushes actually last a long time and it doesn’t hurt that it is so inexpensive. I’ve had most of mine for 2 years and then I throw them away.
Pepperell - 2 years ago