Is it good , I wonder how gentle it is for dry skin?
Medford, NY - il y a 2 ans

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This will be good for dehydrated or dry skin types. I have combination skin and this balances my skin. I don't know how can a cleanser do that but this seems to be the case for this cleanser.
il y a un an
Very gentle. I only use this at night too, only washing my face with water in the morning. I oil cleanse before using on a night too, on top of wearing a full face of makeup and a pretty heavy SPF all day, and it removes what it needs to without stripping the skin. Always leaves my skin fresh and soft.
il y a 2 ans
Very gentle. One of my favorites
il y a 2 ans
My skin is dry in the winter and it is very gentle.
il y a 2 ans