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el Jimador Silver Tequila, 80 Proof
El Jimador

el Jimador Silver Tequila, 80 Proof


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4 / 5
For the price this is a pretty good tequila. It is 100% agave, which IMO is the only way to go. Goes nicely in palomas or straight, with no weird biting alcohol taste. If you are looking for budget friendly and quality this is a good choice.
5 / 5
We received this as a gift. It was first time trying for us, normally don’t drink tequila but this was pretty good and different. My husband enjoyed it as well. It was first time trying for him as well. It wasn’t as strong. It had nice smooth taste. I definitely recommend it. If you haven’t tried it yet.
5 / 5
This is my favorite to drink and to make my drinks with.i can take shots of it and it is smooth or make my yummy drinks with it. Not too light and not too strong has a smooth taste going down.


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does it taste like the others tequila’s brand or what does this one have different? el-jimador-blanco-tequila
Is this the top line of tequilas?
What's your favorite margarita recipe using El Jimador?
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