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Chanel Platinum Égoïste is a fragrance I have worn and loved for years. I started wearing it after owning Chanel Chance eau Fraïche for almost a decade and becoming more familiar with the Chanel line of fragrances. It is one I like less than Bleu de Chanel but definitely wear more often. This cologne is a very clean, citrus forward fragrance that I have seen many refer to as a “barbershop” scent. As a female who wears this frequently, I agree with that statement. It is very fresh, clean, and devoid of the typical floral and woody notes in almost every other Chanel fragrance. I prefer wearing Égoïste during the daytime after a shower or at the gym. It works year round but I tend to wear it in warmer weather; as I do with many citrus forward Chanel fragrances. I would not recommend every Chanel fragrance for unisex wear but know this one works very well for females as well as men. This fragrance is more abrasive than every other offering from the fragrance house which makes it less appealing to some than the more polite fragrances in the line. However, this is always a nice addition to a collection and a fragrance I recommend for a well rounded Collector.
Questo a mio parere e il miglior profumo da uomo, e costoso, molto di più di altri, ma ha una durata, fragranza fresca senza eguali!!! Super consigliato
[product:egoiste-platinum-by-chanel-eau-de-toilette-spray-17-oz] ÉGOÏSTE is a fresh, aromatic and distinctly modern , very elegant . Perfect for everyday use.
I fell in love with this scent years ago. Mixes well with my skin/natural scent. I use it occasionally during the day but I love it for a night out with friends at a nicer bar/restaurant. It’s a smell unlike others and I think that’s what draws me to it. Highly recommend for those into refreshing and strong cologne. #mensgrooming
No one can understand that when i using this parfume ask me is nice smell I love the smell.. At least is not strong but after you don’t feel anymore is not strong for me because I used parfume more strong but is nice for me this I bought maybe for 6 time at least and I recommend for you really love the parfume for men!!! This is a nice parfume!!
I love this one in particular.I been using it for quite some time now and i would totally recommend it.The woman love it and it stays on for hours , so what more can you ask for.
My go to for a fancy night out. Smells like high class. Perfect for any jacket required occasion.