Ecowise Fitness EcoWise Peanut Ball - 55cm

by Ecowise Fitness

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Do not use high pressure compressor to inflate exercise ball, the pressure can be 2 PSI only. Use one of the 4 options listed below to inflate your Exercise Ball: 1. Use 2 PSI compressor to inflate ball. 2. Use hand pump to inflate ball. 3. Use plastic straw to inflate ball. 4. Use compressor to inflate ball in the beginning. When the ball is almost full, change to hand pump or straw to fill the ball. Exercise Ball Recommendations Do Inspect the floor surface prior to starting exercises, remove any objects that may cause the floor surface to be uneven. Inspect the exercise ball to see if there are any unusual appearances or punctured surface areas. Inflate the ball to its desired size. Remove any objects such as keys, belt, cellular phone, etc. from pockets. Have a certified therapist / personal trainer monitor your exercises at scene. Clean the exercise ball with damp cloth after each session. Follow the exercise that your certified therapist / personal trainer recommends for stretching. Replace the exercise ball as soon as there are signs of wear and tear or an uneven or punctured surface. Dont Start exercise without inspection of the floor surface. Start exercise without inspecting the exercise ball. Over inflate the exercise ball to exceed its desired size. Start exercises while wearing a belt or having keys or any other object in pocket


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