Ecotools Total Perfecting Blender

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Eco tools beauty sponge is soft and just the right denseness. It doesn’t expand a lot when wet as some others do. The water is very easy to squeeze out to leave a perfect dampness for blending products on your skin. The less denseness does make it easier to clean as with just a little bit of soap, it comes as clean as if new. It’s not too dense to take a long time to dry. When you’re finished with it, you can actually plant the ego tool beauty sponge in the ground and it will degrade. The design gives you, a nice tip as well as a larger smoothing surface for which ever area that you need to use the blending tool. I like that they are effective and still eco-friendly. I have purchased several. I do recommend this beauty blender. 
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
The eco tools beauty blenderisca great blender. It blended out my foundationand concealer perfectly. I could build up my coverage with ease and the sponge does not soak up my makeup. I use the brands brushes because they are great quality.
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1 / 5
I tried this blender and a few of their foundation brushes and they did not work for me very well. The blender didn't blend the makeup on my face, it was very streaky and just didn't look good at all and I tried the brushes too but ran into the same issue with them. It definitely could of been me but I use blenders everyday and this one was hard to work with as well as the brushes. If the ever come out with new brushes and fix the issue I would try them but for the ones they have out now it's definitely a no for me.