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Ecotools Styler + Smoother...
192 Reviews
This is an amazing brush. It makes it easier for me to straighten my hair quickly despite the fact that it is very long, it's not expensive so it's worthy the shot. Plus help your hair to look more shine [product:ecotools-styler-smoother-hair-brush]
Idk about styler, but I love this brand and that the brand is all about being economical friendly!💕 I've used many things by this brand, as I will eventually review, but it's one of my favorite brands. Body washes and more. Just fantastic!💕
I feel like ecotools are often overpriced. I use this brush almost every day and it’s annoying that the bristles get bent easily. It accomplishes what I need it to do for the most part but there are definitely better products available.
I Love this brush. It is EASY to CLEAN. It makes drying my thick hair much easier and less time consuming. Finally a brush that does not snag and pull my hair while drying and styling!
Este cepillo es buenísimo para cabellos ondulados o rizados como el mío. Es padrisimo por que por el tamaño acabas más rápido y no maltrata y jala como otro tipo el cabello 💇‍♀️
Love this product! Not only eco friendly but a great brush! Gets my tangles out easily and smooths my hair! I have had less frizz since I started using this brush!!
Love these brushes! One of my favorite part about winding down at the end of the night is relaxing and brushing my hair. These brushes don’t tangle my hair and are so nice and pretty!
I have bought this brush 2 x. First one snapped on me . But use this when I blow dry my hair . Makes it easier for styling for me . Only thing I don’t care for is the handle .
The EcoTools Styler + smoother hair brush Is one of my favorite brushes! It’s wonderful with my blowdryer. It leaves my hair smooth with the slight in flip I like at the bottom of my hair. I definitely recommend this brush. It’s reasonably priced between $15-20 dollars as well!
this product worked amazing on my hair! made it so smooth and felt great! I highly recommend to anyone