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Ive been looking for a good styling brush, has anyone used this before or have other recommendations? Preferably I’d like a round brush that wont get my hair all tangled!
Does this brush last, or does it break easily?
Does hair typically get tangled in this? I have crazy thick, long hair that usually gets tangled in brushes like these.
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I have very thin and silky hair, looking for volume while styling. Will this be a good choice?
Has anyone used this product? How did you like it?
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Is this a good brush for thick hair?
I'm looking for a good quality brush that will work on my super thick curly hair. Do you think this will do the trick?
I am 51 years old and my hair is slowly falling out from graves disease I would love to test this hairbrush because I find many pull my hair out while blow dry
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Does this product work better than other round brushes?
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