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Ecotools Styler + Smoother Hair Brush

Ecotools Styler + Smoother Hair Brush


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This is an amazing brush. It makes it easier for me to straighten my hair quickly despite the fact that it is very long, it's not expensive so it's worthy the shot. Plus help your hair to look more shine [product:ecotools-styler-smoother-hair-brush]
Idk about styler, but I love this brand and that the brand is all about being economical friendly!💕 I've used many things by this brand, as I will eventually review, but it's one of my favorite brands. Body washes and more. Just fantastic!💕
I feel like ecotools are often overpriced. I use this brush almost every day and it’s annoying that the bristles get bent easily. It accomplishes what I need it to do for the most part but there are definitely better products available.
Ive been looking for a good styling brush, has anyone used this before or have other recommendations? Preferably I’d like a round brush that wont get my hair all tangled!
Does this brush last, or does it break easily?
Does hair typically get tangled in this? I have crazy thick, long hair that usually gets tangled in brushes like these.
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