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Eco Tan - Organic Glory Oil...
6 Reviews
5 / 5
My absolute favourite oil to add to my skincare routine. A little bit goes a long way and leaves my skin feeling plump and super smooth. I’ll never go back to another oil, will be using this for life 🤍
5 / 5
Such a beautiful oil to use and good for EVERYTHING! I use as a face oil, body oil, I use this on my surgery scars because I have keloid scarring and have notice an improvement. It smells great whilst a little goes a long way. I've noticed that it also helps to keep breakouts under control whilst also giving a great base for pre makeup. This brand is my go to for all skin care. I've even used a little through my hair and on the ends.
1 / 5
Nope. Just nope. Not worth it at all. It smells very earthy/nutty, not in a pleasant way. The packaging is useless to prevent the oil from going more rancid...but if it does, you'll notice the viscosity getting thicker. I have used maybe only 3mLs of my 30mL bottle, and I'm not impressed. Way too overpriced for the claims, you can get much better oils out there. Seriously. I dont think it reduces spots or scars at all. I couldn’t find many reviews on this thing...I mean reviews that weren't from the EcoTan website. This oil made me breakout in small red bumps as well as made my skin texture rather rough. I would probably only use this if I had dry skin and reaaallly wanted to try a very weird smelling nutty oil.
5 / 5
I absolutely love this product. It smells Devine, and goes on easy . I use it overnight on my face and neck . It’s expensive but worth it as you only use a tiny bit at a time . It’s also good fir rough elbows and heels . It goes hard when hot but you can melt it in between your hands
5 / 5
The only product that helped me with my dull, textured skin! No more cystic acne and my face is just glowing!!!!! Love it
5 / 5
can’t thank this product anymore, if you suffer form ance scars, you will see a massive difference in your skin within months, your skin will thank you once the results have occurred! I recommend this product.