How many uses can you get out these?
Grand Junction - il y a 2 ans

3 answers

Depending how heavy your leaks are. My leaks were pretty light. I used mine for about 2months, and they held up well. Just make sure you wash them properly.
il y a 7 mois
Usually I got a few days worth before I had to wash......or until they had a stank to them
il y a un an
I did not have the eco brand, but I did have reusable pads and loved them. I used them from 25 weeks pregnant when I started leaking, up until my daughter was 10 months old and by that point I had stopped leaking. I purchased about 10 sets and they are still usable and great! You save so much money by having reusable and you don't even feel they're there compared to the disposable
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