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5 / 5
These pretty fake nails from the fb group Exclusivester for freee. Applied my favourite colour on it and they slayed. This group has got some amazing beauty products for us try now and grab yours
4 / 5
Delicious amazing and tasty flavour, I recommend it to everyone including hound children
5 / 5
I love the EBOOST powder packets in orange. I’ve been using them ever since I saw Oprah gush about it forever ago. It gives a lot of wonderful, all natural energy from vitamins so there’s no energy crash, jitters or headaches. I feel great and getting dose of vitamins. Love the orange flavor too (don’t like the others personally). You only need a little water to mix the powder in and it is very effervescent (like an alka Selser). It is also my secret hangover remedy. Works like a charm! I take these on vacation with me, always have them in my purse and gym bag. They are my go to for feeling good. Can’t recommend highly enough!!!


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I Have never had these, but are they any good?
Does this product contain caffeine?
How often should this be used? Daily? Twice a day?
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