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EA The Sims 4 Limited Edition
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EA The Sims 4 Limited Edition


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The basic game is free right now you can try it out and play it. You can buy expansion packs, kits, other packs to add to your game. What ever one you buy adds new game play to it and new townes to the game. It also new clothes, some times new maps, new items for the house. You can buy a pack that has pets so your sim can have a dog or cat.
Un amplio abanico de posibilidades se abre para esta entrega del juego de simulación. Incluye novedades como conseguir logros, jugar al modo historia en el que te plantearan distintas situaciones que supondrán todo un reto. Además de nuevas herramientas de construcción para dar rienda suelta a la imaginación. A mí me ha encantado el juego y llevo jugando desde sus comienzos.
Where do I even begin?! I’m an OG Sims lover. My love for this game goes all the way back to the very first Sims game. I love interior design so it’s fun to decorate and build a home. I love the aspect of escapism that o feel when I play this on a free day. There are so many ways to modify the game and make it look and feel like real life. Don’t be judgy…try it!
When will they fix my sims randomly insulting each other??? It’s the most annoying thing ever because I build relationships just for them to be QUICKLY diminished. It gets so frustrating that I don’t even want to play anymore
Is this game really worth the hype?
WhhSt is the best new expansion/game pack for this? I have a few of them, but it’s tough deciding which new one to get!
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