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E-Z Stroke Translucent Underglaze hacienda jade, 1 oz [pack of 4]

Duncan E-Z Stroke Translucent Underglaze hacienda jade, 1 oz. [pack of 4]


E-Z Strokes are extremely versatile translucent underglazes. They have a broad firing range that allows them to be used on almost all clay bodies, and E-Z Strokes? translucent quality makes them suitable for use with a number of techniques, including airbrushing, antiquing, and brushwork. As a pure pigment-based paint, E-Z Strokes is the simplest form of fired color. Their intense pigments allow high definition and brilliant decoration for any project. You can use E-Z Strokes just like watercolors, in layers of transparent/translucent, bold, pure color, and, just like watercolors, you can intermix all the E-Z Strokes colors. E-Z Strokes are non-toxic and lead free. They are food safe when properly covered with a lead free clear glaze. E-Z Strokes are available in 1 oz. bottles.


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