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Drybar Miracle Smoothing Sealant

Drybar Miracle Smoothing Sealant


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This product is thee best!!! I have naturally frizzy hair and it doesn’t help that I live in Florida. I spray this in before I blow dry and my hair is soooo smooth
I love the scent, texture, and how great my hair looks. Soft and silky, we love to see it! Def recommend to anyone looking for a new product.
I’m not sure who this product is made for but it isn’t for me. For reference I have very long (upper thigh length) hair that isn’t quite straight but isn’t quite wavy either, somewhere in the middle. I guess this worked okay as a heat protectant, but I wouldn’t use it just for that. This didn’t make my hair smooth, or shiny at all. If anything I felt it made my hair dry, like it sucked any moisture out of it. It seemed to add some kind of weird texture, almost like it was a little bit sticky? Nonetheless I’m not happy with this product. I’ll be sticking with Aveda Smooth Infusion for smoothing and Redken Pillow Proof for a primer and heat protectant.
How does this product compare to the Color Wow Dream Coat, Supernatural Hair Spray, 6.7 Fl. Oz ? Which one is better?
Is this comparable to the Color Wow Dreamcoat spray? Better, worse, the same?
Does this product work for thin, frizzy hairDrybar Miracle Smoothing Sealant ?
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