Dr. Collins Dental Work Specialty Floss for Bridges and Implants

by Dr. Collins

Is This Your Brand?


Bringing Smiles To Life™ Specialty floss with built-in threader ends. Great for braces, bridges, implants and large interdental spaces. Unique sponge-like floss. Daily flossing helps prevent periodontal disease by removing plaque and debris.  But for those with braces, bridges, implants, or large interdental spaces, flossing can be difficult and uncomfortable.  Dr. Collins Dental Work offers the perfect flossing solution to change the way you feel about flossing! Dentist developed, Dr. Collins Dental Work features a unique sponge-like floss with built-in threader to eliminate the need for two separate flossing devices.  The threader easily allows you to access hard to reach areas while the thick sponge-like floss follows through to deeply clean between large interdental spaces, under bridgework, and around braces and implants. Dr. Collins Dental Work is the


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