Dr. Brandt® Magnetight Age Defier Mask


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This revolutionary magnetized mask counteracts the effects of stress and environmental damage that cause premature aging. Electromagnetic interactions enhance skin’s ability to  itself for a younger and more vibrant appearance.

For all skin types.




Medium weight


Fragrance free

Results To Expect:

Skin feels tighter over time. The look of stressed skin is lifted away.

  • helps reduce signs of skin aging
  • skin looks energized
  • purifies skin


Firming peptide: smoothes the look of wrinkle, firms & tightens over time
Black Tourmaline: Energizing minerals boosts skin's energy leaving it looking radiant
Skin Scavenger: A multi function molecule anti-oxidant that purifies & protects against age causing pollutants and environmental stress to minimize their damaging effect

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Dr. Brandt® Magnetight Age Defier Mask
Dr. Brandt® Magnetight Age Defier Mask
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Carolee M.
Dallas Texas
5 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
Interactive skin care is like toys for adults (minds out of the gutter)! Seriously who doesn't enjoy a product that makes you feel like one of those magnetic create a face toys you would get in your stocking or Easter basket.
This mask went on very easily, it spread nicely and a little goes a long way. I had to regulate the amount my husband used because he thinks be has to put his entire hand in my mask jars and glob it on like he is frosting a cake (that's why I try to stick to sheet masks with him lol). The mask had a light lavender scent, which makes sense it contains lavender oil. I left it on for 10 minutes and then the fun began! I had read to double wrap the magnet with tissue so I did and it was the coolest thing to watch the mask just simply pull right up. No tugging, no rinsing no mess (only two pieces of tissue to toss out). After I removed it all I massaged in the remaining oil left on my face which actually felt very velvety and had a nice glow.
This morning my face looks nicely hydrated and feels great. I wouldn't expect big anti aging results from this mask just based off the ingredient list, but it is a lot of fun to use and really seems to hydrate my skin so for those reasons alone I'll definitely repurchase.
Josephine W.
Paramus, NJ
8 reviews
Tried out Dr. Brandt Skincare MAGNETIGHT Age-Defier today. I was reallyy excited to test this out bc I remember seeing ads for it awhile ago and was sooo curious about what it would be like to use it
The product is a dark metallic charcoal and the texture is very soft, smooth and creamy...it feels rich but very light, almost reminds me of a souffle haha
The directions say to apply w the included spatula, which I struggled with since I'm a more hands-on kind of girl. You'll see in my story that I think I applied a thicker layer than intended but it still came off easily!
You leave the mask on for 5-10 min but it doesn't dry out like a clay mask does and when you are ready you wrap the included magnet in tissues and just swipe across your face to remove! You can literally feel the bots of mask being pulled off by the magnet (not painful btw but super cool to experience!) Pro tip: wrap w multiple tissues bc that magnetic cling is strong and your tissue will rip when you're trying to change out for a new one
I was sooo fascinated by the whole thing, and so happy when I was done that this wasn't just a gimmicky mask for fun (though it is fun!) There is some clear post-mask residue, which is intended since the directions say don't rinse w water and to rub it in instead. Def not oily or greasy. My skin felt hydrated and so smooth, like it was already primed and makeup-ready! But you can (and should) follow w the rest of your skincare routine
I'm curious about the science behind this mask, so will def look into it more but in theory the iron powder binds to pollutants on your skin and then the positive charge on the magnet pulls it out 🤷 There's a pretty hefty pricetag ($75 for 3oz) though so I don't see myself dropping bank for a full size anytime soon, esp when the science behind the claims is a little unclear, but I def enjoyed trying this out and the science nerd in me is totally geeking out 🤓
Elizabeth C.
Louisville, KY
871 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 5
Ya know? I definitely thought this mask was way more than just a little gimmicky. And it kind of is. But now that I've used it I understand the purpose behind not rinsing.
So I just put it in my under eye area from my inner eye to my outer temple by my hair line. I have extremely oily skin that is very acne prone and almost always broken out. Unless its some sort of clearing, acne, oily skin mask I'm not about to put it all over my face without testing it.
Fortunately I had a place to do that. At 27 I'm getting older and our under eyes never have oil glands and only get dryer with age. Thats why no one breaks out there in case you were curious. So I've been a bit dry there the last year or so so I decided to try it there since that's where we age first and I've started getting small smile lines around the corners of my eyes and lines in my under eyes from no sleep and just dryness there which is super weird considering how excessively oily I really am.
So anyway, I left it on for a bit over 10 min and realized it wasn't even beginning to dry and that it's probably not going to. Wrapped my magnet in toilet paper and went to work. It was just as amazing as the videos. And to see how it clung to the magnet was also amazing. Even when trying to take the toilet paper off it would rip and stay. It was almost like something pretty heavy was all around the edges. And no matter how much i wipe this thing I can't get it clean. It came off with soap and water and a towel for the most part though. Just make sure youre using a strong tissue or toilet paper. My toilet paper isn't cheap (charmin) but its not as thick as a good tissue I suppose.
So anyway it came off easy. Then I looked close and felt my skin. There was like a serum type residue left behind which is exactly why you wouldn't want to wash this off because then that wouldn't be left behind to rub in with whatever skin healthy ingredients it has in it. It rubbed in quickly and sank in fully after a few minutes leaving my under eyes silky smooth. Literally they felt like silk. It felt nice and moisturized and soft but no greasy, oily or heavy. It was great. I noticed that my skin looked a bit less tired and droopy I suppose but its not like it took all semblance of lines away. I don't think anything could. But at this price you almost expect it to.
I don't think I would re purchase unless I seen some pretty major results show up soon. Like within the next 24 hours and that's not likely to happen. But it's important we don't get stuck in the cycle of "it will work with continued use." Masks don't get used like that. We use them once maybe twice a week and thats rare so it needs to have results we can see and feel when we use them.
I do feel some great results and see a little but I just don't know if its worth 3/4 of a hundred bucks to me or if it's even something I could use on the entirety of my excessively oily skin. But I will be sure to give that a try and come back and update. If its been more than a week since I've updated you can assume nothing was better or worse with whole face use and that my review stands as is.
I did a multi masking with GLAMGLOW® Supermud® Clearing Treatment on the rest of my face. I'm thinking now this was a mistake because this mask has to be rinsed and when I do that its unlikely I'm going to be able to keep my eye area dry so its probably going to wash away whatever was left behind unless I can get it to sink in completely. But I wear this mask for an hour instead of the 20 min. I see way more results that way. Most masks you won't be wearing that long and you can't get magnetight wet during or after removal or it defeats its entire purpose so this is not a mask for the multitasking trend that I love so much for specific issues on specific parts of my face.
I think this mask would be best for those with dry and aging skin. Already very mature skin. With no other issues would be ideal.
I don't recommend and I don't deny it has some positives so its entirely up to you whether or not the positives I have explained here are worth it to you to spend that kind of money because we all spend money on things that treat our most bothersome issues and since mine are acne and oil and large pores I just don't see myself spending this kind of money on these results personally again despite how nice my skin feels at the moment.
Just make sure like all high end anything that youre buying from an authorized retailer like the company, sephora or another trusted retailer. People and small sites buy from the black market and although they may look similar you won't ever get the same results and you will end up losing every dollar you spent because of trying to save a few dollars. So unless they can prove where and when they bought it buy it from a reputable and trusted source. The few dollars more it costs is worth tge piece of mind that its the real deal.
Megan B.
370 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 4
I’m going to be frank with you this product would’ve been a five star if there wasn’t one really huge issue with it. It’s very difficult to apply in the sense you get the spatula and once you run it over your face it leaves streaks. Its really hard to get your entire face covered properly. Removal is also a pain they tell you to put a tissue over the magnet and if change the tissue soon enough the tissue rips no matter what you still end up with the mask stuck to the magnet and it’s impossible to get it off. The crazy thing about this one is when you remove the mask it leaves a thick serum on your face and it really does work. It does pump the lines out your face very well. If you were in a situation where you’re going to have to have a new make up on in front of so when you wanted to impress this would be something I would use before they came over. Seriously because it does plump out you’re fine lines and it makes you look smoother and younger. It’s just messy.
Allison W.
Mckinney, TX
189 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
Ooo La La! This mask is decadent & luxurious to the touch, look, and with its end results. The dark black creamy charcoal mask applies easily, feels really refreshing as it sets, and in a fun new twist, it comes off easily with the little magnetic triangle.
***The magnetic formula in this mask is awesome! If you’ve ever used a blackhead removing strip on your nose, you know that when you pull the strip off - the blackheads & the junk inside of them cling to the paper in a rooted almost magnetic way. When removing this mask & glancing down at the toilet paper (btw: they suggest you wrap the triangle magnet during use. Do it! Clean up is x10’s shorter!) I noticed a very similar formation of gunk being magnetically lifted from my face. I know, it sounds so strange- but I don’t know how else to describe it.

If you have the opportunity, try it! It’s innovative & fun... plus gentle & effective!
Heather B.
New Riegel, OH
142 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
I found this mask super fun and easy to use! It comes package perfectly to tell you how to use it breaking down each step and come with a spatula and magnet. It says to use the spatula to smooth the mask on but I found it difficult to spread with and ended up using my hands. Make sure you cover the magnet with a tissue like it says or there will be product all over it! This mask it very lightweight and only takes about 10 minutes to be ready for removal. That’s the fun part, removal! You just have to glide the magnet across your face and bam it disappears leaving this oily residue that you just pay into your face! I have sensitive skin and this didn’t make me break out or anything! My skin looked very radiant! I was happy to have received this in my Voxbox complementary from Dr. Brandt. I will definitely be buying in the future.
Amy M.
77 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
First time user of any Dr. Brandt products and I loved it! It’s easy to apply, it smells almost like grapefruit, and you can literally hear and see the mask pulling off. It comes off very easily and leaves like a moisturizer/oil on your face. I wish the spatula was a little so application didn’t take so long. And the price 😬 but if it makes a difference in my skin after a few uses I’ll probably keep using it. Dr. Brandt Skincare MAGNETIGHT Age-Defier
Samantha A.
Burton, MI
551 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 5
I got this free from Influenster and I feel like it’s kind of gimmicky.
The product is kind of small, and I imagine if you used this mask several times a week, it wouldn’t last you more than a month.
The magnetic does work to take off the product which is cool and different, but I don’t feel it pulled much out of my skin. It also is kind of difficult to get the product off of the magnet afterward because it just clings to the magnet.
I definitely wouldn’t buy this for full price, I don’t feel it did much for my skin at all.
Just an average product.
Hannah P.
Berea, KY
30 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
A fairly good product, but maybe a bit too gimmicky. The idea of a magnetic mask may be intriguing, however the execution leaves something to be desired. the magnet needs to be covered when removing the mask (otherwise it is near impossible to remove the mask residue from the magnet) but with what you choose to cover it with-I used a paper towel- it doesn’t remove all the mask. And when you do eventually get the mask off there is an almost oily residue left on the skin. Which made want to start over with my whole skin routine that I have set up for myself. If you can male this mask work, then that’s awesome. Didn’t work for me. Won’t be repurchasing.
Machelle H.
Sioux Falls, SD
92 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 3
I did not think there is such a thing as "magnetic mask" until I received a voxbox with Dr. Brandt® Magnetight Age Defier Mask. At first I thought it was kinda weird and totally uncommon (at least for me) to remove a face mask not by using cloth or rinsing it off with water but by using a magnet! Tbh tho, watching the product getting sucked out of my skin with the magnet is pretty cool! ✌️😄 I didn't have to wash my face with water anymore; the magnet removed everything. My skin felt really hydrated, healthier-looking, and it had that instant facelift effect. It's absolutely amazing!
Jocelyn V.
Gainesville, GA
75 reviews
I've seen this face mask all around YouTube and it looks so interesting to try and I want to try it out for myself to see what all the hype is about. What exactly does this mask do? I really wanna try it out
Giulia C.
Pittsburgh, PA
44 reviews
Ive been dying to try this, but i m unsure if it is worth the price? do you notice a difference afterwards?
Jennifer W.
Johnson City, TN
241 reviews
Is this worth the price? Does it work?
Tatum B.
Lutz, FL
45 reviews
I've been on a face mask frenzy! Can't wait to try my new Dr. Brandt® Magnetight Age Defier Mask and Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask any thoughts on either of them?
Demi C.
Whittier, CA
77 reviews
I hear great things about this mask. Does anyone know of its ok for sensitive skin?

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