D.Q. Pink Curing Salts - Pink Salt - 8 oz Bag by Gourmet Imports

by Gourmet Imports

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Pink Curing Salts, also known as Sel Rose, are used in the preparation of curing meat products such as hams, beef, bacon, sausage, brisket and other cured meats. The curing salts help prevent the growth of bacteria during the curing process and also help the meats maintain a brighter, more vibrant color. IMPORTANT NOTE: Pink curing salts are only used for the curing of meat products and are not to be used as a table salt or sea salt substitute.

Use 1 oz of our pink curing salt for 25 lbs of meat; Gourmet Food World is an importer and distributor of fine specialty food ingredients; Click the Gourmet Food World link above to view our other items we sell including -; Cheese, Truffles, Caviar, Baking and Pastry Ingredients, Spices, Condiments and much more


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