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Dove Chocolate Milk Silky Smooth Roasted Hazelnut
Dove Chocolate

Dove Chocolate Milk Silky Smooth Roasted Hazelnut


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So Delicious! IMO among the best chocolate flavors that Dove offers. Love the nuttiness of the hazelnut flavor and not to mention how decadent the chocolate from Dove is in itself! Melt in your mouth! Recommend :)
These are delicious! I am a hazelnut junkie, so adding it to chocolate just makes sense. The packaging is great and makes a ‘sweet’ gift for teachers, friends, and coworkers. It’s also the perfect gift for yourself! As Donna and Tom say #treatyoself
Dove chocolate has a rich, smooth and creamy texture. The perfect balance of sweetness and chocolate flavor and a beautiful aftertaste and texture. I’m a sucker for hazelnuts and chocolate and this is a great option with a lower price point than other well-known hazelnut/chocolate combos.
Do they make any cupcake or cake mixes with this? Like Hershey's does?
Do they have a family pack of these? I need to send sime to my family or like a mini's in big packaging
I love this chocolate it really is rich and creamy, I'm addicted
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