DoubleCare Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder-Coconut Charcoal Tooth Whitener-Natural Teeth Whitening-Enamel Safe & Improve Gum Health-Organic(3-month supply)

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Have you ever been struggling to smile showing your yellowed teeth for pictures or in conversation? Has the heavy mouth odor ever ruined your romantic dates or business meetings? -

ACTIVATED COCONUT CHARCOAL - Natural powder that whitens your teeth in a harmless and highly effective process, plus it‘s been proven helpful in oral hygiene by cleansing gums and detoxifying mouth. The teeth whitening charcoal powder removes stains through its strong absorption power instead of chemical burning compared to other whitening products like teeth strips; REMOVE STAINS & FRESHEN MOUTH - The dental-grade charcoal powder is formulated to remove the stubborn stains from coffee, smoking, red-wine, tea or tartar and leave your mouth fresh; SAFE & IMPROVE ORAL HEALTH - Our tooth whitening powder, FDA approved and without any harsh chemicals, helps prevent tooth decay and gingivitis by eliminating germs and bacteria that not only create odor but also eat away your enamel. Keep it as a part of your routine oral care!; 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS - We mix coconut charcoal with Bentonite and coconut oil excluding preservatives. Bentonite is a natural clay aiding to absorb toxins and odor, and also good for remineralizing teeth due to its high mineral content. Coconut oil helps ease the experience of teeth whitening especially for sensitive teeth; QUALITY GUARANTEE - We keep superior standard in every single step in manufacturing the teeth whitening powder from selecting coconut source carefully in Thailand to ensuring an aseptic environment for production


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