Has anyone used tarte or dose concealer? if so which would you prefer?Mini Shape Tape™ Concealer 35N medium Dose Of Colors Online Only Meet Your Hue Concealer
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I have used both and they are both great, but if I had to choose one it would be tarte. 🙂
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Shape Tape used to be my go to, but has found it really highlights your wrinkles and settles in my fine lines as of recently. Just tried this Dose concealer and I am obsessed! Think it works better for your under eye area than Shape Tape and doesn’t settle into my fine lines as much.
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It depends. For spot correction, I prefer shape tape (especially the creamy version). For dark circles, fine lines, and general use on literally anything else, I absolutely prefer dose of colors.  I like the undertone range on the latter far better as well. 
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