My daughter is now gluten free and we cannot find her Doritos that she likes where can we find these or gluten free ones? She doesn’t like the Walmart brand..
Bristol, TN - il y a 2 ans

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i went to tjmax the other day and bought some chips similar to Doritos that were gluten free and they were pretty good ! I definitely recommend looking at tjmax or Trader Joe’s for some gluten free options !
il y a un an
I’ve gotten them at Target and also at Jewel (not sure where you’re located, but Jewel is part of the Albertson’s company). They definitely have a kick, so make sure your daughter likes spicy!
il y a 2 ans
I looked online to see who might have this in stock for you and the only place I seen that had them was & Target was the cheapest on them. Also if you go to and up in the right hand corner click the Menu Tab then click on the We’re to buy button, then you can locate which store’s sells them were you live at or you can choose to purchase them online. I hope this helps you out some sweetie.😊
il y a 2 ans