Can you believe that i'm a Doritos lover and i haven't tried tortila flavour( i'm mean the blue one) and blue is my favourite color🙃🙂🥶 Should i try it?? It is worth it, right?
new castle - il y a 4 mois

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These are a staple and I think almost everyone in the USA has atleast had one Doritos chip lol - shoot Taco Bell even has different Doritos taco shells now haha
il y a un jour
Yes lol you GOTTA try em!! Deff worth it… the blue and red are both amazing 🤣💖💖
il y a un jour
Must experience them
il y a 4 jours
They are my favorite
il y a 12 jours
I never knew that was a thing till today
il y a 14 jours
You gotta try it
il y a 24 jours
You will love them! Give them a try! Your missing out!
il y a un mois
There the best flavour hands down! The cool with the salsa dip so such a nice combo! Highly recommend you’ll never go back
il y a un mois
You should totally try it!! And what the other Jasmine said about making a taco salad with it 🤤
il y a 3 mois
Yes you should try it and make a taco salad out of it
il y a 3 mois