I have thinning hair and have tried just about everything for my hair.... Except this. I just purchased Doo Gro Mega Thick Growth Oil today along with Doo Gro Simulating Growth Oil. I'm crossing my fingers that this products help my hair. But here's my question.... Can I use the Mega Thick Growth Oil and Simulating Growth Oil together ?.
Hawaii - il y a 4 ans

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Me and a friend of mine are also suffering from hair loss, well until he found doo gro. I noticed that his hairline was receding in the corner, or his temporal region, and when he used doo gro(mega thick), well it's not even noticeable anymore, and his hair is long enough to be a full grown Afro now. And me, well I just started and from what everyone is saying, it takes a few weeks to actually work.
il y a 3 ans