Why do Walmart employee's hate this store. I love shopping here and they don't have much verity. So why the hate. Is it because there cheaper?
Las Vegas, NV - il y a 5 ans

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I used to work at Walmart and never had an issue with Dollar General. If I recall correctly, the only time I wasn't happy with Dollar General us when they leave the U-boats out on the sales floor along with the carts used for restocking. I did work at a Dollar General before Walmart and at our location, we were told to bring out the carts and U-boats only when the store was empty to avoid any accidents at the store. The location I visited was in Mesquite, Texas and they had their carts scattered throughout the day and it was not busy. Instead of restocking, the cashiers were only gossipping and being on their phones. At least the one here in Garland, they do not leave them out. Really depends on the location though.
il y a 2 ans
Honestly I think it is. Because you can find quite a few things if not everything cheaper in dollar general than in walmart and walmart typically has the lowest prices (or try to). Plus some walmart employees are just salty. 😂
il y a 5 ans