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20 Reviews
This product is honestly amazing for the price. Bought at dollar general and i expected for it not to help. It worked just as it said on the bottle and worked great.
Is only available at certain stores and did not work at all!!! While yes it was reasonable in price it’s absolutely not worth it! Spend the money on the preventative or collars it’s worth it in the end
This product line has been known and proven to cause harm to animals , up to and including DEATH. We use it on all of our animals and our cat went into convulsions and seizures for hours! We had to rush him to the vet and he almost died. He survived luckily. But he'll never be the same. When I looked up the product afterwards, I was shocked at how many people and pets had been through the same , or worse. I beg you... don't use this on your pets.
Works as it should. Good quality for good price. Would definetly recommend for anyone with cats or kittens
I buy the Sergeant's Silver Cat Flea and Tick Spray from time to time to use on my cats.  It works pretty well when I use it in between baths with a flea shampoo during flea season.  I don't think it would be enough on it's own to use for flea control but I am very happy with it as a part of my routine for controlling fleas.
For not wanting to spend and arm and a leg on my two cats who stay outside I bought this and it works wonders! Affordable, decent scent, and works!
This product is super sticky and stinky. It didn’t help with fleas as far as I could tell.
I picked this up when we rescued a flea ridden kitten hoping that it would work. It didn't. The price is affordable but it doesn't work anywhere near as well as Frontline and the spray bottle sound scared the kitten to death. Needless to say by the end of it, I was completely covered in scratches and the kitten was rattled and shaken.... And still covered in fleas. Save your time and money and just go to the vet for the Frontline!
Couldn’t really tell either way how this product worked. Used in conjunction with another product But my kitties seem happy!
It doesn’t really seem to have much of an affect on our very busy dog. She stays outside most of the day and she still has fleas.