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It’s my dogs birthday today February 16th Today Pearl is 6.She is an ex racing Greyhound and has been with me over 2 years.I bought her a box of these Schmackos (they are the same just different wrappers) There is over 100 of them so I thought they would last her a while .She has never had these before but couldn’t wait to open the box.She loved them and kept begging for more and ate 4 on the trot.They come in 3 different flavours Chicken lamb and beef. Hopefully they will last her a little while..

Product reviewed: Dog Treats

My dogs love these, as soon as I pick up the bag they start doing circles and zombies and then when I open the bag they beg

Product reviewed: Dog Treats

These last about 2 seconds the dogs love them and whinge until they get a treat they love the lamb and beef flavours I buy the bulk 3 flavour packs when on sale I stock up

Product reviewed: Dog Treats


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