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You can purchase this brand at Winners / Homesense for cheaper than usual. Their products are amazing quality and honestly not bad price for quality even not on sale. I have a few makeup bags, a Christmas throw that is incredibly soft, I know they have perfume and other products for apparel and housewares! They are very modern and cute, really well designed products
Love my new bag from DKNY! It is a large bag with a smaller zip pocket for smaller things and extra inner pocket that will fit a regular cell phone. It has a magnet clasp to hold together, a long strap that hangs over or across shoulder. The material has a gather around 2 round brown shell handles. ( this is what attracted me to this bag) it has logo DKNY on the material around the bag with light brown interior with logo material aldo that makes it easier on my eyes to find the contents. I love this bag and recommend it
I adore DKNY. I have enjoyed their Be Delicious fragrance perfume since 2015 and have had more than one pair of glasses and several other apparel items. When I think DKNY I think quality and value.
Are their sneaker of good quality?
What is your favorite perfume ??
What's your favorite piece from DKNY?
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