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Diva Cup
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Diva Cup


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4.51 / 5 based on 419 Reviews

Product Description

Clean, Comfortable & Convenient Award Winning. Reusable:  Economical & Eco-Responsible. 100% Silicone - No Latex, Rubber, Plastic or BPA. Proven Reliable Protection - No Leaks. Bag & Detailed Instructions Enclosed The DivaCup®, launched worldwide in 2003, is a revolutionary alternative to tampons & pads.  The DivaCup eliminates the inconvenience & expenses of purchasing disposible products in endless absorbencies, shapes & sizes.  The DivaCup conveniently accommodates your changing flow:  simply empty 2-3 times per 24 hours, wash & reinsert.  Can be worn confidently overnight. see more...

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Diva Cup
Diva Cup
Reviews (419)
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  • "-The risk of TSS is almost nil (and far lower than with tampons) -Unlike tampon strings, it's not visible when you're naked...in case that's a concern -You can swim and exercise with it in -You learn so much more about your body, your flow, and your period Cons -It takes a while to get used to - turning it correctly to create the seal is definitely a skill (though not a difficult one) -If you take it out at the wrong angle (I haven't done this since I was new), there can be a bit of a bloody mess." in 18 reviews
  • "I have been told that they are the best investment people have made and that they would never go back to pads or tampons. " in 16 reviews
  • "=) Yes there is a learning curve to this and yes your fingers will need to become comfortable with your own hooha but it is completely worth it." in 15 reviews
  • "From what I've calculated from my period this is much less than what I bleed however the fact is, this cup will certainly be able to hold all your bleeding during the 12 hours it is in you with no chance of it overflowing." in 13 reviews
  • "It took some practice getting used to it (and be prepared to get seriously up close and personal with your body), but once you do it saves you a lot of money, significantly reduces your environmental impact, doesn't pose the same risk of TSS as tampons, and can even reduce cramps and lighten your period (at least it did for me!)" in 10 reviews
Amber H.
Capodichino, Naples
458 reviews
Due to a side-effect from my medication, I had an extremely heavy flow for THREE MONTHS until I could finally get the medical attention I needed (then two months after a brief break before finally settling into a regular 7 day period).
Fed up with Tampons after the first week, I decided to give Diva Cup a try.

-Holds a LOT! I did not have to worry about changing a tampon during the day.
-reusable! Can you imagine how many tampons I would've bought during this time? I'll give you a clue-- due to the nature of this condition, I had to change a super tampon three to five times a day. This saved so much money
-It's SO comfortable compared to tampons. It does not rub you raw on the inside, it does not feel stiff when you move or sit down. I could barely tell I had the Diva Cup in.
-LESS INFECTIONS!!! I almost always get an infection when I'm on my period. I still got infections while using this, but I started disinfecting it more and the infections went away.

-The initial cost is more than your average pack of tampons. Though it saves you money in the long run, don't forget you're disinfecting it on the stove and boil it to death like I did...
-I feel like it weakened my vaginal muscles. Their website claims the opposite effect, but I struggled to hold in my pee until I stopped using the Diva Cup for a couple weeks.
-Fortunately, I was home most of the time to change it, but it does not ALWAYS last all day if you have a heavy flow and I can't imagine trying to clean out this thing in public. After I had a lot of practice using it, I tried dumping/washing it in a public bathroom and it was a disaster. When it gets too full, it can slip and leak.
-The plastic absorbs smell. Disinfect it more often than the packaging suggests.
-It's difficult to get the correct seal. Even when I was well practiced, I could still mess up and get the seal wrong. I learned that having the seal LOWER is better than trying to insert it too high. Lots of trial and error with this product.
-Unfortunately, I don't recommend this product for young girls who are just getting used to their period. The Diva Cup is too prone for embarrassing mistakes.

I'd recommend having TWO. One at home. One in your purse. I liked it more than I expected! But enough to purchase again after ruining my last one? I'm not sure...
Ashley B.
99 reviews
After our second son was born, my first few periods were so heavy that I was having to change a super tampon every 90 minutes!! I decided to take control of my reproductive health so that I could be more informed when talking to my doctor. So I bought the cup!

Getting it rotated once it is inserted is the trickiest part, but the benefits are worth the extra time to learn how to use it. It is thick, flexible, medical grade silicone that is folded and inserted horizontally, low into the vagina. once rotated and fully opened, it suctions in place and will collect up to a full ounce. It includes measurement markings for .25 and .5 oz as well as the ML equivalents. This has been so helpful for me to learn how much blood I'm actually losing. The cup can be worn for up to 12 hours, but may need to be changed more frequently depending on your flow. I have had ZERO leaking, I can't feel it at all, and it's fascinating to learn about my body!
Julia Z.
Bloomington , IL
125 reviews
The Diva Cup completely changed how I approach my period. It took some getting used to, but once I learned how to properly use it, I loved it. It's similar to using a tampon, but much better. I never have to worry about running out of period products, especially when I'm abroad and tampons are expensive and hard to locate. The one thing I will say, however, is that I have to empty the cup more than twice per day, especially on my heavy days. I've found that it holds about the same amount as a super tampon before it gets messy. This means that I sometimes have to empty it in public bathrooms, which isn't as terrible as it sounds. I just empty it into the toilet and wipe up the rest with toilet paper. Since using this I have become less squeamish about my period, and I have even switched to using cloth pads. Definitely recommend!
Tayler N.
63 reviews
This has changed the period game. I have the Diva Cup in size one since I haven't had any children yet and I have found the transition from a tampon to a menstrual cup to be surprisingly easy. They say that it will take you about 3 months before you fully learn how to put it in your cup and learn how to position it to prevent leaks for me it only took a couple of days. You can wear the diva cup for a maximum of 12 hours making it amazing for when you're out and about! No more stopping to change your tampon or realizing you don't have one! Plus you can't even feel that you're wearing it! The diva cup is reusable which saves you money in the long run... Just make sure you boil your cup after each cycle. It's been almost 9 months since I've last used a tampon and I don't miss it one bit! Definitely recommend
Veronica B.
Clay City, IN
51 reviews
Since deciding to try this out just because it seemed like a more sensible solution to tampons which I often would wear far longer than is safe, I am in love! I've used the diva cup for 6 years and never looked back! It takes practice to get it sealed right but once you have it down, it's as easy as can be! This saves a ton of money, and a lot of v@ginal lubricant! I honestly switched to this right after inserting a dollar store brand tampon that was loaded into the insertion tube sideways, and therefore loaded into my v@gina SIDEWAYS! The issues I have had with tampons were just ridiculous! My v@gina always dried out way too much so they hurt to remove, yet I would bleed through tampons. The diva cup solved all of my problems. I feel great that I am lowering my impact on the environment as well!
Molly G.
Dallas, TX
83 reviews
This has revolutionized my entire concept of feminine hygiene. So easy to use with practice, much better for the environment, much cheaper in the long run. It comes in a discreet little bag, which is definitely more subtle than a massive pack of tampons or something. I've found that washing mine with gentle, unscented soap (in the shower, if I'm super lazy) works well and is super convenient. Definitely takes some getting used to, but once you do, it's amazing! I wish they came in colors. I've had mine for like four years and found that I can keep it pristine and stain free by occasionally soaking it in a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution, and then THOROUGHLY rinsing it in water after; they advise against this, but I've never had any issues! Cannot recommend enough.
Briana F.
Las Vegas, NV
104 reviews
This thing is a miracle contraption. I was really iffy at first because, well, it's not every day I have a silicon cup suspended in my lady bits and $40 for a product I wasn't sure about seemed like a lot. However, I am so glad I bought this! It took about a day or two to get the technique down perfectly (READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!) and then there might be a lot of weird thoughts and psychosomatic feelings (oh gosh there's a cup up there??) but after you realize it's truly no different than a tampon, you'll relax and the diva cup will be your best friend. It's like I'm not even on my period when I use it, and there's no annoying tampon strings or the gross smells that come with them.
Do yourself a favor and at least give the cup a try!
Samantha G.
Ithaca, NY
11 reviews
I could sing my praises to the DivaCup forever. It is an amazing solution to having a period. It's an initial investment of about $30, but if you're someone who wants to save money, this is for you - it lasts up to 10 years. Compared to spending $3-5 a month for tampons? That's a ton of savings. I will say that I had an initial learning curve to the DivaCup (the first cycle any bathroom I used looked like a crime scene...) but after adjusting to it, I will never look back. You do have to be okay with looking at your own blood and being able to boil it between cycles, but the fact that you can sleep in it, wear it up to 12 hours, and it's so much better for the environment? It's a solid 10/5 to me.
Natalie P.
Brooklyn, NY
160 reviews
My life changed when I bought the Diva Cup. I no longer have to worry about packing pads and tampons with me, just this small cup is all I need! Leaking is not a problem with this cup and I have found it to work way better than tampons and pads. The only thing some people might not like is the insertion, which can be a bit tricky at times. However, after using this product a few times you get used to it. I believe it only cost me around 30 dollars, which is amazing when you compare it to the cost the average woman spends on pads and tampons. It also creates no waste which is wonderful for the environment. I recommend this to every person who is sick of pads and tampons.
Jennifer H.
Dubois, IN
272 reviews
I recently changed over to the Diva Cup from tampons and I am SO glad that I did! I find that it's far more comfortable to wear, has an extremely low risk of TSS (unlike tampons), doesn't need to be changed nearly as often, and is just a great value (you save a ton of money by not purchasing tampons)! I really love the diva cup because I tend to have a heavier cycle and I don't have to worry about constantly changing a tampon, or "overflow"... I don't even need a liner anymore!! I first heard about menstrual cups online which got me very curious...after watching a ton of reviews and doing a little research, I opted for the Diva Cup... Definitely a game changer!
Kate M.
Oakland, CA
48 reviews
So i know that lots of people seem grossed out by this idea. i know it can be pretty messy, but does it really work? do you get leakage? can I work out while wearing it?
Jess B.
Westmoreland, TN
40 reviews
Are these easy to use? Do they seem easier than pads?
With L.
Ellenwood, GA
21 reviews
I'm willing to try. anything to save money and to feel safe instead of wearing tampons..Is it easy to put on and take out. That's my biggest concern
Emily L.
Cambridge, Ontario
55 reviews
I would be so worried about it getting stuck up there..... Or blood spilling out when I remove it. Has anyone lost it up there? Sorry, weird question.
Stephanie T.
Coventry , RI
64 reviews
What do you do when you have to empty it in public? Do you have to wash it out? I've wanted to switch for some months now, but I'm scared.

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