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Dior Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Powder Shimmering Sculpting Powder

Dior Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Powder Shimmering Sculpting Powder


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I’m in love with Dior since I was a little girl.. this nude air luminizer is unbelievable. It’s airy , soft and silky.. it’s like you don’t wear makeup at oil.. looks like airbrush.. love it!!! It has a little glitter ✨ too ;) I’m absent !!!
my mom has been using the dior diorskin highlighter for years, I was doing her makeup and asked her about it. she loves this highlighter, the only one highlighter she uses. I tried hers and loved it too, bought myself a few different shades. It gives a natural soft look and it’s very shimmery, since it’s very pigmented I don’t need to put much on. also great cheap price, it’s worth more 🤍
Bảo Protect the skin from the ultraviolet rays from the sun and the harmful agents from the outside environment. Giúp Help the skin smooth, can cover the skin defects such as bleeding, slabs, freckles. Có Having an oil smoke effect and making the skin is not osteogen. Khoáng Mineralization in Diorskin Nude Air Powder 020 Not only makes the beautiful grade make but also nourish the skin. Tạo Create a perfect gravite background, bright skin brightening the cấp moisture while the alkaline oil for the skin, avoid the chalk condition, face mold. Bên In addition, the poll is also supplemented with sunscreen, protecting the skin before UV. Nếu If you do not often contact the sun, there will be no additional sunscreen!
Would you recommend this and is it worth the price point?
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Do they have a different shade for dark skin?
iss this product any good ?
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