19 Questions
Do you shop at Dillards?
Jennifer I.
[user:naomibe875] is this store big where you are? We have one at every mall and at some mall the have a store just for women and then a hole other one for men.
Barbara D.
What type of store is this? clothing? accessories? other?
Barbara D.
What type of store is this? v nothing? accessories? other?
Christina C.
What's your favorite product to buy from Dillard's?
Shannon S.
Do they have any of these in mid-america?
Ashley S.
Do you plan on opening more locations in Kentucky ?
arianna R.
What is your favorite brand that Dillard's carries?
Stephanie M.
Has anyone ever shopped the maternity section at Dillards? How is it?
Angelique W.
What do they sell? How are the prices there?