My nose is full of those ugly black pores, is it really work? Freeman Beauty DETOXIFYING CHARCOAL + BLACK SUGAR MUD MASK 🤔 Heelp meee! 😨
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The charcoal nose mask didn't really work for me. Oil cleansing, washing your face everyday would work though.
il y a 10 mois
It may just be sebecous filaments that have oxidized (oil in your pores that darkens, but isn’t a blackhead). It is normal and fine to have! I understand if they’re a nuisance, so I recommend looking up oil cleansing, specifically oil cleansing with a cleansing oil, balm, etc. for 15 min. to remove these “plugs” of excess oil. Much less harsher than using a charcoal mud mask.
il y a 10 mois