If anyone tried this out, would you recommend it for oily/ sensitive skin?
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I have combination skin so oily t zone and overall my skin is sensitive and turn red with most products and this is about the only product that doesn’t do that. It actually helps calm my skins and makes it look healthy and smooth
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I definitely would not use this on sensitive skin. I have combination skin, with an oilier T-Zone, and some dryness on a few places on the perimeter of my face. It disrupted my skin, and my skin isn’t sensitive. It never really sank into the skin, it just kinda sat on top. I used it as directed, and ended up with both a breakout, and dryness in the oddest areas. Upon waking up, my eyes were swollen, with bags underneath, as if I had an allergic reaction of some sort. It wasn’t anything I had to see a Dr for, nothing that serious, but I was embarrassed all day at work. I tried it several times again, paying careful attention to avoid my eye area entirely, and I had the same reaction. It didn’t bother my eyes, but it did break me out, and add dryness to my face. Here’s the thing, I’m not sure it was dryness, it was more of an irritation that had to heal. On top of that, I saw absolutely no lasting results. I’m familiar with Vit. C. I use it everyday, and my skin tolerates it well. I did a thorough review. If you look at my page, you can read it. I tried to be in depth, and think I covered my entire experience. When I do most reviews in other places, I mention ingredients. I would think I did the same thing here. At least I hope. It might help you in some way.
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