Ddi Strawberry Crush - Singles-To-Go(Case of 12)

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3.52 / 5 star rating
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46 reviews


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I have been drinking the old flavor for 8 years and they were great. Now they are nasty. These use to be good, then someone made a very bad decision and changed the flavor. Why do people mess with a good thing? Didn't anybody learn about how coke did that and screwed up.
1.00 / 5 star rating
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This used to be my favorite, and only, water flavor. However, they have changed the recipe! It is now horrible! I just thought the packaging had changed I did not realize they had changed the taste. I will never buy this again! Please bring back the original!
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5 / 5
This has been perfect for me! I really do not like to drink water, but we all know that it is a necessity. I cut soft drinks from my diet over a year ago and wanted to find something to give my water a little kick. The Crush mix is sugar free and makes drinking water so much easier. I am now up to about 100 oz per day!