How do these compare to impress or kiss nails?
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These are so much better - no comparison in my opinion! OPI and Impress left at the bottom of your nail bed, which then make washing hair and styling difficult because it is always catching and pulling out your strands! Dashing diva’s staying power is so much better! Also, they don’t damage and pull off the top layer of nail! Win
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Impress is a Kiss line of nails that is very similar to the Dashing Diva Magic Press. I think the Magic Press are a bit prettier overall, but the Kiss Impress definitely last longer. Impress come with the adhesive already on the nail, just like the Magic Press. Another line by Kiss is Gel Fantasy. I like these better than either Magic Press or Impress, but they are a little more involved to apply. They come with nail glue as well as the adhesive tabs, so you choose how to apply. I hate using glue, so I always use the tabs. You have to first apply the tab to your nail, remove the clear film on top, then apply the nail. It takes some practice, but these last me at least a week and up to 2 weeks. They come in plain polish or in sets with accent nails. This is a set by Kiss Impress, short length, in a pretty Tiffany blue with iridescent accent nails (index and ring finger).
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