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Daily Moisturizing Coil Cream
3 Reviews
5 / 5
this was the first hair product my hair loved in my natural hair journey and it still does. it very affordable and it smells great. leaves my hair feeling very soft and manageable. 10 out of 10 highly recommend
5 / 5
This product i tried on a hunch, i decided when the pandemic started to wear my hair due to not being able to see the beauty shop. Going from processed pixie cut ✂️ to natural hair. I had to find products that wouldn't make my hair hard or dry this keeps moisture in my hair makes it soft. And the curls be popping it goes for all hair types as well. My curls are not tight they are coil and this helps.
5 / 5
I love this product the refresh my hair after I styled my hair and let it dry. This product is not that thick but not runny, it’s a very good consistency. This definitely moisturized my hair a lot. I only recommend if using this product dampen hair a little bit then distribute throughout