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da Bomb Cake bomb, White, Almond Buttercream
Da Bomb

da Bomb Cake bomb, White, Almond Buttercream


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Another day another bomb!! Tonight I tried Da Bombs fun sized sugar cookie Bomb, here are my thoughts! 🍪 Size: this is a fun sized bomb which is a miniature version of their normal sized bombs but I still felt like it was a hefty bomb! 5/5 🍪Packaging: it’s cute and holidayesque but nothing wowzers so a 4/5 🍪Smell: there was no smell! Did not smell at all 1/5 🍪Effect/Color: great fizz and as you can see the color is a pretty vibrant green! 5/5 🍪Prize: a cute little cookie charm! Love it! 5/5 🍪Overall: I would give this one a 🍪🍪🍪 3/5 simply because there was no smell which was a bummer! But other than that I enjoyed it, however I definitely won’t purchase this one again. Details: Purchased: Target Price: $4.99 #bath #bathbombs #reviewtime #review #productreview
It smelled SO good! The smell was strong enough to appreciate but light enough that it wasn’t overpowering. I’d definitely get one again.
These are quality bath bombs! They make the bath water creamy and the scents do not smell like chemicals at all. My 5 year old loves the surprises and I feel safe with her using this product on her skin. Makes bath time enjoyable for everyone!

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