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Cyclone Cups, Premium Shaker Cup 20 oz
Cyclone Cups

Cyclone Cups, Premium Shaker Cup 20 oz


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There are shaker cups and then there’s the cyclone cup, a blender cup that is in a category all of its own. I simply could not make it without my easy to wash and use cyclone cup, which eliminates all clumps from my protein shakes, doesn’t make a rowdy noise when I’m mixing, and if I happen to leave it thrown in my car after the gym, it doesn’t smell like rotten toe jam like other plastic shaker cups. Absolutely love the cyclone and highly recommend!
In love of this shaker bottle. I wish it had a little more capacity. But in general lines is excellent, has a compartment where you can save your supplements or anything you want, and its easy to wash.
Such an amazing & affordable shaker cup ($12.99 at Walmart). Easy to clean, easy to use. I love the compartment on the bottom for powder, so you can have your shake at work or at the gym without needing to bring anything else. 

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