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CVS Health Odor Control Spray Powder, 4 OZ

CVS Health Odor Control Spray Powder, 4 OZ


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No me gusta el olor, lo siento muy ralo osea con poca consistencia y parece agua además que no me ha ayudado mucho
Excellent foot powder, it helps you with odors and fungus prevention as it contains tolnaftate. I use it every day. I add it to my feet and directly to shoes, and bye!! bye!! odors!!!! I recommend it!!!!
I have always had foot odor no matter what I did! And have always had sweaty feet with what appeared to be like athletes feet that never went away. I hated going somewhere and they wanted you to remove your shoes - I always dreaded that! I bought this to give it a try and whoah it does not only help with odor but it cured up the rash like that was between my toes. The odor stays away as long as I spray my feet each day after washing them. It does dry out the skin and around your toes you’ll have to give yourself a good pedi, but it’s clearing up and keeping my feet dry for the first time ever!

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