Curad Assortment Wound Care...
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5 / 5
This thing is amazing it has every gauze I can think of yo need for minor wounds. The kit includes Large sterile gauze pads for bigger wounds, Medium Non-stick pads with adhesive tabs (so they stick to the skin without tape but will never get stuck to your wound!), Small Non-Stick Pads with Adhesive Tabs, Small Gauze pads (even smaller and not non-stick with no adhesive, for small wounds), Stretch Rolled Gauze (this is a roll of gauze that is sorta stretchy as well so it's perfect for covering hard-to-reach wounds and and keeping things tightly secured without constriction or pain), and even a roll of paper "hospital" tape which is gentle on wounds, doesn't hurt as much to peel off, won't irritate the skin if frequent reapplication should be necessary and is easily ripped off the roll with just your fingers... 0 scissors needed! This product is absolutely great and the most convenient and perfectly packaged first aid item we have ever bought. The fact that this box contains 5 different sizes/types of first aid gauze and the paper tape is just excellent. The box is a bit big but of course not heavy, and it is clearly labeled pictured with what's inside. With it's size I would assume others would take what they need out for the first aid they need to administer or pack and carry a more portable first aid kit with these things inside of it. I highly suggest having at least one first aid/emergency kit/bag in your home and car..just in case. Another note on the packaging, ours is different than what is pictured above and the bright green of our package really catches the eye, it enticed me to look twice and eventually (after actually reading it) buy it over the brand I was planning on!