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Cup4Cup Gluten-Free Flour
Cup 4 Cup

Cup4Cup Gluten-Free Flour


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Half my household is gluten intolerant, while the other half enjoys gluten a little too heartily. The compromise is Cup 4 Cup. Thomas Keller’s team somehow created a magical gluten-free flour duplicate that bakes like wheat flour. Even the consistency of the flour itself is the same. It browns up beautifully when baking and tastes fantastic. Nothing else compares. Period. Worth every cent.
My baked goods taste better with thud than normal flour and nobody can ever tell!!!!!!
I'm impressed with this flour. Tried to make gf white cake with a different brand and the cake was too dense and tasted like rice and sugar lol. Did some research and decided to try this blend and the white cake came out way better! It was light and the flavor of this flour blend is neutral so it worked out so well. I would definitely recommend!
What is the price point for this product?
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Does this flour require all of the extra time to "soak" in the liquid in the batter so that it doesn't come out grainy? I am struggling with that grainy texture of so many pre-made GF flour blends.
I am new to G.F. baking/cooking. many of the items suggested are not sold near me. is there a store guide, or a way to get you all in my local stores?
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