Cuisinart ® Black/Stainless 14-Cup Perfectemp Programmable Coffee Maker

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5 / 5
This coffee maker is easy to use with simple, intuitive buttons and reliable has operation as I expect with a Cuisinart coffee maker. The temperature control works well - I am someone would likes super hot coffee, and the highest temp setting meets my preference, whereas my previous maker was not able to get the coffee to my liking. There is noticeable difference between the 3 temperature settings. The glass Carafe is large and pours without spills. Carafe is a large capacity (14 C) which is nice for when I have people over. Coffee takes an average time to brew, keeps coffee hot. It comes with a reusable gold (mesh) cone filter, charcoal pod, scoop. The finish is just the look/color that I going for and looks great in my kitchen. The features that I like are the carafe temperature option, clean button to let you know it’s time to decalcify, the 1-4 cup feature for small batches of brew, and the auto off programmable feature that allows you to keep coffee warm 0-4 hours.
4.00 / 5 star rating
4 / 5
My coffee maker died last weekend. I had company in town and did some quick research on this one - good reviews definitely rang true. This machine looks lovely on the counter and I love that it has a built in filter. It has a timer and a pause button - I can stop the pot and get my cup when i need to. It has a hotter coffee feature too. It even came with a measuring scoop. Most importantly- it delivers a great pot of coffee. [product:cuisinart-blackstainless-14-cup-perfectemp-programmable-coffee-maker]