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What's your favorite go to crock pot recipes? I'd like some new ideas please if you want to share!
Do you like to use a crockpot? #meals #cooking
Es buena para la preparación de alimentos? me encantaría recibir una muestra para probarla y dar mi opinión
I Have been wanting to buy a crockpot for sometimes now. Not a pressure cooker but just a crockpot. The last crockpot I had, the ceramic insert cracked and I never bought a new one. Does anyone have this particular crockpot and do you recommend ?
Share your favorite recipe to make in a crockpot ?😊😊😍
Is this a good crock pot? Would you recommend it? [user:bagelsncarlos]
What are you favourite recipes to make?
Whats the best thing you've cooked in this?
Does the timer on this Crock-Pot turn it on after the hours you set it for, or does it just cook it for that long?
I have been looking for a new slow cooker that washes well! How does this one hold up and how many setting are there?