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Creme Shop Honey/Lavender Mask 1 Pack

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4.55 / 5 star rating
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2 / 5
The ingredients in this face mask are not very good. It has ingredients that dry out the skin. This brand has some good products and some face masks that are good, I reccomend using the OnSkin app to look at ingredients before buying
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
Let me start by saying this, this face mask is sooo cost friendly. I love using crème shop face masks they always leave my skin so hydrated and refreshed! It’s a low priced mask that feels luxurious! Also I really love the honey/ lavender scent it smells amazing!
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
These masks have become my favorite overtime and I love how Crème took the time to add 2 ingredients that actually complement each other. Theses masks are not only hydrating and refreshing but also smells wonderful! The sheets are great quality, fits my whole face and it comes completely damp. Most of the time I re-apply whatever is left in the package on the top of the mask after a few minutes just so it won’t go on a waste. These are good to be use daily but I only do once a week and that works great for me! If you are an Ipsy subscriber you can add a pack of two to your Ipsy bag for only $5. Not a bad deal at all! As for the ingredients, Honey/Lavender are wonderful ingredients for acne prone skin and it will not only reduce the blemishes but it will leave a great soft feeling afterwards. These ingredients are known for having antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, so it won’t hurt your skin.