Can anyone find a website to the manufactures of Skin Nutritions products? I went to the website listed on the products box which is but it doesn't exist. Also googled the company Skin Beauty International Inc. with no luck.I sure wish they had a website that you could order their products from. I first came across some of their products at Family Dollar. It was a set of face cleanser, toner, and moisturizer that was on clearance so I stocked up some because I knew it was a close out item and wouldn't be there anymore. I loved their toner. Then I came across the Dark Spot Corrector roller and Retinol & Hyaluronic serums. I just found a new serum of theirs at the Dollar Tree which is a Vitamin C serum. I love all their products. Sucks when something is discontinued, which I am sure all these products will disappear soon because I see they are only sold at stores that sell mostly close out items. 
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I know they sell it on Amazon if that helps !
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Yes, you can get the on the dollar tree website.
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Same here!! My best friend knows how much I love skincare. I’ve been teaching her. Bc she has rosacea... so she’s starting to look on the back. She sAllen me “I think I did great.. spent $3!! On 3 products” I could t believe it!!! I went through this in 3 weeks .. I absolutely love it. It’s incredible what one can find!! Xo 😘
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Hi! I found them on amazon as well!
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I’ve also tried to find their website and haven’t found anything either. They also sold this awesome eye roller (it was like a liquid substance that you rub under your eyes to make dark circles and lines disappear). Their products are amazing and I wish I knew of their website to see what other products they sell.
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I found the c serum in Dollar tree so I’m not sure. I think maybe they may have sold off what they had in bulk and closed down or changed their name. There is no telling.
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