Is this legit? ?
Spring Valley, CA - il y a 4 ans

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It sure is! It will give you monthly updates and if anything "weird" pops up.. Will give you notices 😃
il y a un mois
Absolutely....Been using it a couple of years.
il y a un an
Yes however, the score isn’t completely accurate, it may be slightly higher or lower by a few points.
il y a 2 ans
Yes, Credit Karma is legit and it allows you to see what things affect your credit score and it gives you options to help fix your score. The only thing about it is your credit score here is usually quite higher than what my bank shows in their app. It will help in identifying issues that you can handle over time to fix your credit.
il y a 3 ans
Yes. I check my almost once a week. You have a lower score compared if you were to go buy a car at a car lot for a example but you get a good idea what your credit score it and what you owe for debit.
il y a 4 ans