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These are so fun. It’s like a childhood bath bomb. They are just colored alka seltzer so it’s totally safe. Such a fun and easy way to step up your bath!!
These are just ok! My son is only 8 months old, but LOVES baths. These do an OK job of coloring hthe water - he really likes to see the colors and swish water around. They don't stain the tub, which is also pretty nice. I think, though, you could probably get the same effect with a small bath bomb or similar. They just aren't as cool as I remember them to be when I was a kid!
I used to use these as a kid in the bath and I loved them!! They change the color like a bath bomb but it didn’t leave any staining around the tub and if it did leave a little color it was easy to wash it away! These are super fun for little ones and easy to maintain! I would recommend
My grandson likes this but when I washed him he was saying it hurts. So what I want to know is there anyone who had this same result??
Are these worth the price?
Where can i get this?what is the price for this? Can i get it online?
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