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My product is the Coxir Green Tea Clear Emulsion with green tea, snail mucin, and aloe vera. I'm surprised there are not more Coxir products listed as Coxir is so well regarded , a K Beauty lovers faved brand, and growing steadily. It's a lotion like product that doesn't skimp on moisture. Can be worn as the only moisture after serums, and be layered under moisturizers and creams. I love as it's attributes addresses and relieves a multitude of skin issues at a time such as acne breakouts, sensitive skin, dryness, lines and wrinkles, and anti aging without any problems or reactions experienced by me. I recommend to any skin type. Absorbs well but with a barrier that is not greasy . The slime factor from mucin is not huge, but just enough. The scent is light, and fresh , naturally clean and not perfumed. I've used and own quite a few of Coxir products including emulsions , this emulsion becoming a Love quickly and earned it's place in my skin care routine. #Coxir #kbeauty #kbeautyskincare #skincareroutine #MeanSugar