I've never used a cover girl blush. They seem very affordable, but how is the pigmentation? Does it last a while? Worth the money?
Lubbock, TX - il y a 4 ans

3 answers

The color I got (natural twinkle) has no pigment whatsoever. It gives a little bit of sparkle to my cheeks but that’s it. I would not recommend.
il y a 3 ans
Depending on the color you get the pigmentation is better. I would get a blush that is a few shades darker than your normal blush is and you will be fine. As for the duration, yes it will last all day. I say it is worth your money with the right color/shade.
il y a 4 ans
For me, the pigmentation is not great and this applies patchy on me. I prefer physicians formula for drugstore blush
il y a 4 ans